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 NORA's House
I spent all the evening working on this scenario, i could'nt go out, so i had time. About 12 hours and it still needs some improvements, but it has turned out well. Here are some pics:


Actually i'm working in two big projetcs. One of them is a trailer for Titanic using Final Fantasy XIII. i was asked by a friend to help them with the sexy scenes. The other one consists on love relationships between Noel and Serah, and Snow with Lightning. I'll go updating this page each time i get a new work done.

About Titanic project:
Right now i can say that the main characters will be Serah and Noel, playing Rose DewittBukater and Jack Dawson. It hasn't been confirmed yet, but there are possibilities to see Snow as Cal Hockley (Rose's fianceé) and Lightning as Ruth DewittBukater (Rose's mother, sister in this case) Anyway, here you have the first "try".

This picture down here shows what the final result will look like. I must thank ViewDj (ZelanFilms on youtube) for the head and hair modifications, as well as the textures. (He is the one who will do the biggest thing about this project)

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