PG Requests

1-Beach (SnowxNoel)

2-Waterscape (SnowxNoel)



5-Serah, Noel and Snow (On-going)
This new project counts on three parts: SnowxSerah, NoelxSerah and NoelxSnow. It's a very speciall project, 'cos it shows one of the most visible things of the game: this love triangle haha

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  1. man, i feel honored! my noel would be very happy to see this page! haha last works totally awesome! i realy expect my group would complete it soon!!! wish u all the best -snorre-

    1. I hope you all like it! Working with you always means new challenges, i really enjoy this requests! I expect (hope >_<) to finish part 4 in 2 or 3 days

  2. I really like your work. Its amazing. Can't seem to find the actual videos though as they aren't on here and Persona Group blog only has images X.X

  3. Persona Group Blog Update, New Links:

    Snow and Noel creation series:

  4. I'm an idiot >.> Thanks so much great work!

  5. Lazn also could look forward to it, please ;)
    I will make your works become the most poignant crystals of Final Fantasy for you ;)
    Lazn is the best ;D