domingo, 9 de diciembre de 2012


2013 is comming, so if we survive at the end of the world i was thinking in doing a calendar. For each month i'll take a couple from a videogame. i'm starting with Resident Evil for January, i'll be using Sheva and Piers. Once i have done all the pictures i'll upload them, if you want any special couple for any special month in any special pose you can send me pictures via MP in Rule 34 or comment here.
January preview

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  1. Piers & Chris is the Best! :D
    2 Thumbs Up!!!

  2. This is just like mine except its from October and you added a bit more :D here is what mine looks like

    1. Looks great! o_O i see i'm not the first one who thought of him haha

    2. heh heh thanks :D. Yeah he was part of my calenders :D but I sadly only did 3 this year due to College kicking my ass lol :D. Can't wait to see what you come up with for Sheva.