miércoles, 3 de julio de 2013

Future Plan IV: Our Best Wishes for Snow Villiers

Finally Snow Villiers really returns again in Final Fantasy XIII Series - Lightning returns Final Fantasy XIII.
We're sincerely wishing...
Lazn... We want to take off his clothes as soon as possible! Please render him quickly lol (kidding)

Seriously we're very excited for Square Enix give to him a very cool & Stylish new design! 
Actually, regardless of appearance and personality description Snow's design is completely response his light and dark side from Final Fantasy XIII.

Personally I hope that troublemaker Lightning won't be too difficult for him... I'm really liking her less and less day by day...I'm so sure there are more and more Snow fans start to worry about Noel and him.

We never stop to plan our future projects! 
Once Lazn give the Snow's majestic modeling laid before us
The most vigorous masculinity project will fully launched!

Let's also look forward to Final Fantasy XIII series last episode - Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII release date!
See you soon 

-Hope Estheim -

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