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Future Plans

 █ These men... 
they gang rape me with the infinite lustful of love... █

GIF Image Created by personaapollo
Snow Villiers Guys and Noel Kreiss Image Created by Lazn & personaapollo

Top Secret Event IV is a Live Action CG style works. 
It combos with 3D animatic scenes and finally can be improved to a new realm of realism. 
We're very glad to make this project.
After we done a test to this works, 
Except continue to complete Final Fantasy Snoel Series Top Secret Event finale , we will try the broader themes!

 Find the New Artefact In 

Final Fantasy XIII Series Top Secret Event IV The Origin

The Origin of Snoel
Noel Kreiss Theme 

from Persona Group & Lazn L

The Last Event Being Prepared 
 Snoel's stories still to be continued... 

Season III Theme Music Video

Actually, Snoel series Season III theme music video was prematurely announced in advance.
from this work is not too difficult to speculate on each story direction of the series. 
So, enjoy and look forward to the new works we are about to be released!

Final Fantasy XIII series 
 Season III theme music video 


Images Editor: Jesse / pre-personaapollo & Jacinthe / personacyparissus
Background Music Editor: Snorre / personasnowvilliers 
Theme Song Mirrors Artist: J Rice 
Images co-production Artists: Lazn & LoneWolf117, xHeeendlx
Images Director: Aetos / personahyacinth & Archer / personaarcher

Future Plan I
About Snoel Series Top Secret Events ZERO

In fact, the most important puzzle none other than the original Snow's whereabouts unknown reason in this series. 
There was an important foreshadowing in these two seasons - 
How could Snow and Noel had amour while also adultery with Lightning in the same time and then disappeared? 
Snow and Noel gave each other selves virginity in their first night... the most pure love story will become increasingly clear in the Top Secret Events ZERO.

Future Plan II
About Snoel Series Deleted Scenes

After you watched Snoel Lost Poems and Top Secret Events, maybe you would found out there was a scene be exposed  in the Top Secret Events II but never show up in all creations. 

This scene originally would be add in Snoel Lost Poems the last episode. 
It was between 
the last episode part I - Snow XIII's lustful masturbation illusions for episode II's Snow XIII-2 and Noel sexual intercourse scenes
 the last episode part II - the two Snow guys gang rape Noel scenes
but was later deleted it...  

Even so we never want to cast away this beautiful scene.
After finish Top Secret Events the last episode, we plan to add it in our extended version for Snoel Lost Poems the last episode!

Future Plan III 
DmC 4 Don't Tell Dante Finale

Being Prepared

Dante and Nero Image Created by personaapollo 
 Persona Group World Blog:

On YouTube,
we published Trilogy I / Don't Tell Dante Prequel, Trilogy II / Don't Tell Dante part 1: Amour, and the last private works, Trilogy III / Don't Tell Dante part 2: lustful first night.

Compare prequel and part 1, Prequel style was very manly and candid! Part 1 style was very gentle. Furthermore, Dante's dance clips was extremely difficult... BGM Editor gave these 2 videos background music very poles but inseparable from the spiritual.

Trilogy III / Don't Tell Dante part II: lustful first night was a more detailed description of Dante and Nero lustful sexual intercourse. Whole works, Dante is full of lustful desires and raped Nero... but we always can't complete this project...

Finally we're very excited that Lazn owned to complete sex scenes abilities! So just look forward to our completed version! 

OK! last, I sincerely hope you will like our works and stay tuned for Lazn's new works come out! 
See you soon!

- Hope Estheim -

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